This science blog is not about me and “why you should believe me”, it’s about facts, critical thinking, evidence and logic. When learning about science, the important question is not, who am I or what are my credentials?  The important question is, why should you believe me or anyone else?

You shouldn’t believe me (or anyone) automatically.  I encourage you to read my articles, see if they make sense and are logical. Decipher which groups of commenters (pro or anti) provide evidence to sources of credible research studies, etc to support their claims. Determine which group of commenters rely on logical fallacies and which groups call out the logical fallacies of the others.  And, most importantly to recognize when particular groups ignore rebuttals to their arguments and who continues to carry on with the same arguments regardless of contradicting evidence.

No one pays me anything for writing this blog.

If you are curious about what I do (though you shouldn’t automatically believe me or anyone else based purely on credentials – use your critical thinking skills, ask questions, find valid evidence, etc.)

I am a Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry. My academic, technical and research background includes: biochemistry, structural biology (specifically X-ray crystallography), molecular and cell biology, chemistry, cancer biology, genetics, microbiology, bacterial pathogens and infectious disease.

My primary motivation for creating this blog is to improve scientific literacy by providing the public with clear explanations to biological and physical phenomena. In this blog, I discuss popular science topics and controversies as they pertain to science, medicine and the environment as well as important fundamental scientific concepts and how we can apply them to human health, disease, and our environment.




– Molecular and Cell Biology; Structural Biology; Biochemistry; X-Ray Crystallography, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 2015, University of California, Berkeley

– Biochemistry, B.S. 2008, University of Oregon


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