The Alkaline diet, diploma mills and your body’s pH

Diploma mills selling fake “degrees” have thrived because many employers don’t bother to check their employees’ credentials. Since diploma mills often use “legitimate sounding” names like Columbia State or University of Berkley, these fake universities have been thriving profitable scams. If only the employer knew that “Berkley” is spelled “Berkeley” they might catch a fraudulent charlatan, who claims to be a doctor, in their tracks. Then there’s the not so legitimate sounding diploma mills like, Clayton College of Natural Health (now closed due to fraud), where the fake doctor and convicted felon Robert Young purchased his “degrees”, which has helped him sell his junk science “pH Miracle Cure” books and “treatments”, leading to so many tragically preventable deaths.

Diploma Mill Graphic 1

Diploma mills are behind so many of the most popular pseudoscience quacks selling “miracle cures”, miracle diets, books and “magic” supplements. Many of you have probably heard of the ‘alkaline diet’. Those who sell this farce, like Robert Young (who’s been charged with multiple felonies) and Leonard Coldwell, have the assumption that it’s best to eat more alkaline foods than acid foods. Young and Coldwell believe that if we do this, we’ll end up with an overall “alkaline load in our body” and will prevent and cure all diseases and cancers. Young, Coldwell, and their cronies believe the alkaline diet will “protect everyone” from the “diseases of modern civilization”. These diploma mill “doctors” claim that eating a diet with, acidic foods, will make you vulnerable to everything from cancer to osteoporosis. To make sure you “stay alkaline”, they recommend keeping track of urine or saliva pH using pH test strips.

Though, neither Robert Young nor Leonard Coldwell are medical doctors and neither of them hold a PhD in anything real, except of course their diploma mill “PhDs”, they have made profited immensely by selling their “miracle cures”. Coldwell claims to have a doctorate in psychology from Columbia State University. This may sounds impressive at first, that is until you realized that Columbia State University is, or rather was, a diploma mill operated by stage hypnotist Ronald “Dr Dante” Pellar. Columbia State University was closed in 1998 as the “university”, which had no campus, no faculty and no class work, has been shut down by federal authorities who declared the wildly profitable Internet company a “diploma mill.” Its owner pleaded guilty in 2004 to fraud charges. Coldwell is quiet the confident fake doctor. In his own words, Coldwell claims that, “For over 20 years I have been curing cancer. I have found the one and only remedy, and it is Gods/Natures Cure.” Coldwell is convinced that his “cure” is the “one and only remedy” for cancer. This should raise a red flag in the logical mind immediately. Really, Coldwell? You think that you have found the “cure” to cancer and the only “cure” at that. Coldwell is delusional beyond imagination. And given that Coldwell has zero formal research or academic training as either a scientist, biologist or medical doctor, this is an enormously extraordinary claim to make even for a quack “doctors.” In addition, the discovery of cure for different types of cancers requires decades of authentic independent evidence-based biomedical research. Coldwell, has absolutely no evidence-based research to support his unbelievable claim.

Mr. Coldwell, let me get this straight and ask you this very simple question.

When my family members or I am dying of cancer, I’m just supposed to trust your opinion and random thoughts and put my entire life and health into your hands? As someone who is actually a genuinely qualified biomedical research scientist, who has actually published independent research papers and has earned a real Ph.D. versus purchasing a fake one from a diploma mill university, putting my life or the life of my ill loved ones is extremely dangerous, misguided, naive, non-sensical and ultimately utterly ridiculous.


Robert Young’s diploma mill:

Closure of Clayton College:

Diploma Compare 4

“The only thing the buyer is doing is sending in a check or money order. They know what they are buying,” said Allen Ezell, former head of the FBI diploma-mill-busting task force. “The diploma mill knows what they are selling. The third party is in the dark.” (1)

“With the advent of the Internet and escalating demand for academic credentials in a competitive job market, the popularity of diploma mills has soared and many states, including Pennsylvania, have been slow to pass legislation to outlaw them.

Hundreds of nonexistent schools are selling degrees on the Internet and dozens more sell exact replicas of degrees granted by real colleges and universities.” (1)


As, for understand the regulation of the acid-base balance within your human body (see educational figure below), one must first develop an appreciation for the fundamental definitions and concepts underlying this fundamental physiological process. I will tackle the basics of pH and regulation of pH in the human body in a later article.


Learn more about diploma mills like Columbia State University & Clayton College, please visit:



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7. Protecting yourself from diploma mills:


9. Five ways to spot a diploma mill:











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