Diploma mill “PhD” Robert Young, author of “The pH Miracle”, arrested with 18 felony charges & grand theft

In 2014, the diploma mill “PhD” owner Robert Young and author of the junk “science” book “The pH Miracle”, was finally arrested. This sick fraud has so much blood on his hands. Young was charged with 18 felony charges, including practicing medicine without a license and grand theft.

robert_young_arraign_1390608729403_2124890_ver1.0_320_240               alkaline-food-diet

Though, I’m relieved this charlatan has finally been charged and arrested, we will never get back the lives of our loved ones and family members who have since died from treatable cancers, which Young promised his “pH miracle” would cure.

I hate Robert Young more than anyone on the planet. I especially hate him, now more than ever, with a burning fire a million times over and with infinite disgust, as now I am a biomedical researcher, currently working at Johns Hopkins Hospital, who worked tirelessly to earn a legitimate PhD, in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, over the course of 7 extremely long and challenging years. And now after more than a decade of hard work and dedication to understand biology and cancer, I have an intimate and thorough comprehension of the cancer that took my father’s life. Tragically, how my father’s life could have been saved.

I am writing this post to help spread awareness about this fraud and to potentially save your loved one’s life. I don’t want anyone else to lose a loved one to a treatable cancer. I miss my father everyday. Please spread cancer awareness and let people know when they are being scammed by junk “science”.

CCNH       What-Under-Surface-Horrors-Await-You-When-You-Choose-a-Diploma-Mill         dbd24-cancer_ph_miracle_book_cover



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