Mission Statement

In this digital era, the public is experiencing rampant bombardment with pseudoscience allured by sensationalized headlines and facilitated by the convenience of the internet. As a result the scientific community is struggling to rectify false “science” claims as fast as the pseudoscience is produced. This phenomenon is largely due to the disparity in scientific rigor between real science and pseudoscience.

As we all know, it is much easier to make up a false “science” claim than it is to perform decades of thorough, careful investigative experimental research, necessitating large groups of highly trained researchers in a broad array of scientific disciplines, in order to make genuine scientific discoveries. Pseudoscience, by design, doesn’t follow any of the same standards of ethics, rigorous examination, peer-review and experimental validation techniques required of authentic scientific research.

Nonsense espoused by self-proclaimed health and nutrition experts, like “Food Babe”, Joe Mercola and Mike Adams (who runs Naturalnews.com), is increasingly leading to widespread scientific illiteracy. My mission is to clarify, educate and explain basic scientific concepts and share my passion for science with the public.

My mission is to bridge the gap between scientists and the public. The public deserves evidence-based answers to their scientific questions and concerns regarding their health, medicines and the environment.


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