“Weighing the risks of vaccines versus contracting the preventable disease”

“Weighing the risks of vaccines versus contracting the preventable disease”

I am of the opinion that we need to be careful about what we put into our bodies and are exposed to from our environment. This absolutely 100% contributes to our overall health and ability to optimize our health.

Due to my strong concern for saving human life, in particular through the use of vaccines which can prevent often incurable and sometimes fatal diseases (caused by either infectious bacteria or horrific viruses for which there is no cure [the human enterovirus polio being one such example), I feel compelled to share some facts about the feared chemical ingredient that is sometimes added to vaccines to prevent them from getting contaminated.

It is absolutely TRUE that mercury is bad for you. However, mercury can come in many different chemical forms that have different levels of health risk depending on both the specific type you are exposed to and what the amount of the exposure is.

The mercury-containing compound people are generally concerned about [present in some vaccines in extremely trace amounts] is ETHYLMERCURY; found in the preservative Thimerosal. A useful fact in thinking about the health risks of mercury is that you are exposed to far more mercury in the specific chemical form of NOT ETHYLMERCURY (found in some vaccines) but METHYLMERCURY when you eat FISH.

Methylmercury [CH3Hg] is the most toxic form we can be exposed to from our environment. This is why pregnant women should not eat an excess of fish when they are pregnant. Methylmercury can impair neurological development. Methylmercury exposure in the womb, which can result from a mother’s consumption of fish and shellfish containing methylmercury, can adversely affect a baby’s growing brain and nervous system.

In comparison, the other specific chemical form, ETHYLMERCURY, unlike methylmercury, is actually broken down and excreted from the human body much more rapidly than methylmercury. Making ethylmercury much less likely than methylmercury to accumulate in the body and cause harm. Importantly, the extremely trace amount of ethylmercury, found in some vaccines, is key to assessing the level of health risk. The levels found in vaccines is at such a low trace amount that your health is very low because that trace amount gets excreted from your body.


I am more than willing to take the hit and be the person you hate most in the world if it saves 1 life. As an aside, I would like to share with you that I’m NOT the “evil researcher who’s out to get you.” I’m not “rolling around in a palace full of pharmaceutical money secretly hiding all of the critical magical data from you”. I’m an academic researcher. My employer is Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I don’t care about money.

I care about saving lives.


Dr. Hood


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