What can we do to tackle climate change?

Interview with UC Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller, founder and scientific director of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project and author of “Energy for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines,” offers policy suggestions to combat climate change.

Muller calls for “a coherent policy for energy efficiency and conservation,” emphasizing, “This is a win-win — you make money by investing in energy conservation. I don’t mean putting on a sweater and turning down the thermostat in winter, I mean putting the insulation in the walls. The return you get on your investment for that gives you a better return than you would have gotten from Bernie Madoff even if he were legitimate.”

Muller also suggests that China and India need to transition from a coal-based energy supply to natural gas.

“We have to spread this technology to China and India because that is where the global warming is going to originate,” he says. “Anybody who does not address the issue in China and India isn’t addressing the problem. We could try to set an example by using electric cars — [but] electric cars in China result in more carbon dioxide emissions because that electricity is based on coal, not natural gas.”

Link to interview:


from current.com


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